Accounting Services

Whether you choose to work with QuickBooks, Xero, Peachtree, Sage, Intacct or any other general ledger system, we help you understand the debits and credits behind the accounting for your business.

Every business spends considerable time and money entering their transactions into a general ledger system.  Make sure that you don’t go through the motions just to get your taxes prepared at the end of the year!  In each business, there are several financial areas that, if attended to properly, will have a large effect on your success.  We can work with you to determine what these areas are and then make sure you get this information on a regular basis so you can manage your business.  Your accounting software should be able to do two things for you:

  1. Give you information so you can track the health of your business and decide on what areas need adjustment.  Accounting is the language we use to tell us where our resources come from and where they go. We help you set up your general ledger system so it’s easy to work with and provides you with important information on your business.
  2. Make it easier, not harder, for you to enter and process your transactions.  Beiler Accounting can help you get more out of your accounting software whether it’s to directly bill and process payments from customers or automating your booking processes.


Quickbooks is a very useful program and is relatively inexpensive for what it can do for you. You can choose to use as little of the program as possible or use everything including estimates, invoicing, accounts payable, and electronic collections via credit card or ACH.  If you want to bill your customers electronically and allow credit card or ACH payments from your customers, QuickBooks merchant services will handle this seamlessly within QuickBooks and apply all of your customers payments against the invoices that you have created for them. This is a wonderful time saving benefit.

Get 30% off your QuickBooks Online Subscription!

Because we are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we receive a 30% discount on QuickBooks Online Subscriptions, which we pass directly to our clients!

While we can help you with any accounting software that you choose to use, we are very familiar with QuickBooks and can help apply it to how you need it. Because we are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we receive a 30% discount on QuickBooks Online Subscriptions.  We pass these savings directly to our clients.

For those of you in special industries that have needs that QuickBooks alone cannot handle, there are many third-party apps that work with QuickBooks so that you can track all the information you need for your specific industry but still use QuickBooks as your General ledger software.  All without entering transactions twice.

We enjoy helping our clients get the most out of QuickBooks and we want to take the frustration out of learning it.  If you have questions about how to use it, we can remote into your computer any time so we can quickly help you solve the problem.

Financial Statements

The following services are only needed if financial statements are required for your business:

  • Compilations – This is the lowest level of service that a CPA performs on financial statements.  The CPA is simply creating the statements based on information that is given to them by management.  Other than looking for obvious errors, the CPA is not attesting to the accuracy of the financial statements.  
  • Reviews – A review is called for when an audit is not necessary but the financial statement users (banks, outside owners or the government) would like some level of assurance from the CPA.  While the CPA does not sample individual transactions such as invoices, checks and deposits, the CPA is required to inquire of management about items that could affect the financial statements.  The CPA is also required to perform analytical procedures that help give assurance that the financial statements are not materially incorrect.